Since 1995 Readymade Production has built up a catalog mainly intended for Production Music. Amongst the contributing songwriters, you will find names from the Jazz scene: Laurent Mignard (Duke Orchestra), Greg Zlap, Emmanuel Binet, Paul Bouchara, Etienne Mialet, Jean-Philippe Crespin, Jack ADA, Marc Lonchampt, Laurent Epstein, Alain Genty...

Our Contemporary Music selection is represented by: Robert Waechter, Demétrio Bogea, Jean-Michel Bardez, Michel Prezman, Noam Bonnand, Eric "ERT" Trochu, Jean-Philippe Feiss...


Sebastião "Tião" Rocha Perazzo, Gilles Fournier, Frédéric Milgram, Sam Benzo, Michele Chiavarini, Jean-Claude Guignard, Pierre Ruiz De Larrinaga, Vincent Jacq, Francis Martin, Michel Santangeli and many others in their turn offer us an authentic quality musical style, of all musical genres.


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